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Got stick? NYC Offers Plenty of Ice Time for Young Hockey Players

Ice hockey programs across the city are open to boys and girls.

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Step Up to the Plate – Ensuring Success in Youth Sports

Some Dos and Don’ts for how parents and coaches can create a fun and competitive environment for their kids.

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Junior Journalism: PSAL Trainer Shares Tips on Preventing Injuries, Increasing Strength

The PSAL’s new athletic coordinator helps athletes and coaches learn about injuries and how to prevent them.

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The Essentials About Being a Recruited Student-Athlete

A specialist on the recruiting process offers his insight for parents of young athletes.

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Youth Sports – Learning Life Skills While Still Having Fun

How do parents, help build, support and nurture the goals of their children while still allowing them to have fun and enjoy sports?

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Junior Journalism: Local Coach Outlines Importance of Winter Baseball Workouts

Opening day is coming up. What should young baseball players do to be ready?

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Junior Journalism: New Program Aims to Prevent Youth Sports Injuries, Focuses on ACL

Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery has launched a new program aimed at reversing the trend of athletes getting hurt.

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Junior Journalism: Choosing a Field Position in Soccer

Striker? Midfielder? Fullback? What are the differences and what skills are needed for each position?

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Junior Journalism: The Best Skiing in NY – The Harlem Hills?!

No snow? No problem! Ski Harlem introduces roller skiing to NYC youth.

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Junior Journalism: Play Like a Girl: The Rise of Girls Basketball in New York City

Basketball has always been popular in NYC, now girls are getting in on the fun.

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