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Welcome. New York Sports Connection includes a web site and a Weekly Sports Alert.  The web site is intended to be an interactive resource for families and sports organizations in New York City. Users will be able to search for information on sports leagues, teams, classes and activities, ask questions of others in the community and read pertinent content on the local sports community. The Weekly Sports Alert is designed to keep users up-to-date on upcoming deadlines for tryouts, sign-up/registration periods, clinics, camps and other sports-related events.


Why the need for New York Sports Connection?

In the late 1960s/early 1970s when I was growing up there were few, if any, sports options for kids in New York City. The idea of playing in a Little League or organized sport of any kind was something that only entered my mind when I visited friends in the suburbs and saw the fun they were having. Even finding a place to do afterschool sports activities in the city was difficult. The pickings were equally slim for adults.

Fast forward a few decades, and it’s amazing how things have changed. Today, New York City is loaded with sports options that rival even the largest suburbs. Parents now have a wide range of choices both in the variety of sports available for their children and the options within each sport. The sports offerings for adults are equally impressive.

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the incredible amount of sports activities, classes and leagues that exist across the five boroughs. And, I’ve noticed that even when parents do finally find a program they believe is ideal many miss the deadline to sign-up or register. We created New York Sports Connection with the two-fold goal of introducing New Yorkers to the many sports options available and making sure they don’t miss all-important tryout and/or registration and sign-up dates.


What does New York Sports Connection Offer?

New York Sports Connection is about bringing together two communities—those who play sports and the organizations that run leagues, teams, sports facilities and gyms across the City. For the first group, we want to help you search for and find the most appropriate youth and adult sports options available in New York City. For the second group we want to help expand your reach and introduce more people to the programs you offer.

Think of New York Sports Connection as a resource for everything that has to do with youth and adult sports in New York City. Families seeking the optimal sports options for their children can search through hundreds of listings in dozens of different sports to find the best fit. Adults can likewise browse the same database to find the perfect outlet to practice the sport of their choice. Signing up for our Weekly Sports Alert will provide timely information on tryouts, registration periods and other sports-related events in the City.

And, there’s more. Because finding the right sports option is just the beginning we’ve added many other features to make the site a one-stop shop for all of your sports-related needs. Among many other things, users will be able to:


Why should you sign up for the Weekly Sports Alert?

One of the challenges of playing sports anywhere is knowing when to sign up for a class, a team or a league. Indeed, many New York parents have comical but true stories about waiting in line early in the morning (seems like it’s always the dead of winter) to secure a spot in a swimming camp or baseball league for their child (I know because I did it). Still, many of us have missed a deadline. Isn’t it horrible to see that look on a child’s face when you tell them that he/she can’t play the sport they love because we forgot to sign them up? That stinks. We’ve all been there.

The New York Sports Connection Weekly Sports Alert will address the second of our two goals—making sure you don’t miss an important tryout date and/or registration period. Our Alert won’t bombard you with unwanted information nor will we clutter your inbox with daily e-mails. We will send a single Alert at the beginning of the week. This Alert will contain listings of upcoming tryouts/registrations/sign-up periods and other family related sports events so you can plan for the week ahead.

Think of the Weekly Sports Alert as a virtual bulletin board that has listings on upcoming events. There may not always be something that interests you but every so often something will be posted that excites you and makes you glad you checked the board that day. The Alert works the same way.

Our aim is for New York Sports Connection to be a site for the community and of the community. If you’re looking for something and we don’t have it let us know. Our research team will get to work and if what you’re looking for exists in New York City we’ll add it to our database because chance are others are interested in it as well. If you have a suggestion that would make the site more useful tell us. If we agree we’ll try and make it a reality. We want the site to reflect the needs of New Yorkers and value your comments and feedback.

I hope New York Sports Connection helps you manage your child’s sporting life and/or allows you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport. If you like our web site please tell your friends about us. If you have ideas that you think would make the site an even better resource don’t hesitate to contact us.


Aaron Finkel


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Aaron Finkel
New York Sports Connection

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