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Reaction to David Price & Twitter War with Umpire

David Price, of the Blue Jays, had a fairly common beef with home plate ump, Tom Hallion. Price misses a pitch. Thinks it’s a strike – Hallion, allegedly says, “Just throw the ball” – This has been going on for eons, but now Twitter becomes a supposed sanctuary, where all sides, in a beef, can take pot-shots, at each other. The old axiom – there is your version and my version, and the truth is somewhere in the middle – is being trumped by social media – for almost every facet of life…Good or bad, do we need to admit, especially in a hyper-aware state of cyber bullying – to decree, some limits, in some circumstances – to using Twitter, etc? Both sides have responded with ‘He’s a liar’ no – ‘You’re a liar’ – Is this really the positive outcome we want for our children?

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