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How much should a 12u pitcher throw?

In baseball what is the proper amount of throwing a boy 12 and under should do in a week… and if it becomes sore what is the best treatment besides ice?

There are layers and variables involved in this very hot topic…By asking what the proper amount of throwing is, I assume it relates to pitching; Little League has what appears to be a conservative pitch count, but completely ignores the fact that curve balls are thrown, with as much frequency,as fast balls are thrown. The magic number of 100, is completely ridiculous. Psychologically, 100 is a nice, comforting, round-number, which – for older players, never takes into account 30-40 pre-game pitches,and at least 5 warm-up pitches, between innings. So apparently the arm is only seduced by weakness after 100 game pitches…Hogwash. A mathematical apparition, cannot substitute for, or replace – good coaching, video analysis, proper conditioning, and developing the skills for pitching. Having uncle Ed scream “follow through”, does not suffice. Understanding that the arm muscles – bicep, tricep, pronators, flexors, supinator, are rarely injured from pitching; proper resistance-band work is helpful, but the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, which do not respond to stretching, but bear the brunt of improper muscle development, and bad pitching mechanics. The Principle of Specificity should apply – If you want to become a better, healthier, and stronger pitcher – PRACTICE PITCHING. Take a look at an old photo of Sandy Koufax after a game he pitched in; Arm encased in a tomb of ice from wrist to shoulder, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a beer…The ice acted as a false anesthetic and dubious pain reliever. Ice creates frost-bite,after prolonged exposure and surface capillaries are actually injured, and blood flow impaired. The cigarette acts as a vaso-constrictor, and blood flow is prevented from reaching the muscles. The beer(alcohol), sitting in probably an empty stomach, is absorbed by blood in the stomach. I would guess that Koufax’s arm was developing arthritis, not only as a result of pitching, but his TREATMENT. If a 12 year-old pitcher, whose body and arm are still developing, his pitching regimen should be constructed around the fact that he probably plays other positions…Eliminate long toss…The only thing that it does is harm the shoulder capsule, which is processes, cavities, and ligaments, tendons.Video analysis of his pitching mechanics, understanding that pitching is NOT THROWING, and understanding the coach, and his tactics is key. As for how much – Unless he is on a hyper-competitive travel team – his goal should be learning how to pitch. Please contact Brooklyn Braves Baseball for a detailed analysis brooklynbravesbaseball@gmx.com

Comment by brooklynbraves on September 24, 2013

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