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NYC Sports Person: Big City Volleyball’s Adam Delgado

This Queens native left behind a 9-5 career as a Graphics Designer to teach volleyball to youth in NYC.

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NYC Sports Person: Peter Corbin, Founder of Corbin’s Crusaders.

Being involved in youth sports for over 20 years, Peter and Corbin’s Crusaders teach for the love of sports. Children learn to win with grace and lose with dignity.

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NYC Sports Person: PSG Academy’s Zohair Ghenania

Zoahir moved from France to NYC in 2006 to teach economics. Now, he is the director of Paris Saint-Germain Youth Academy.

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NYC Sports Person: Super Kickers’ Tatiana Santos

Tatiana moved to NYC from Brazil when she was 14 years old. She started Super Kickers to provide programs for younger children.

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NYC Sports Person: Shoot 4 Success’ Gerry Mosley

Gerry Mosley is a seventh generation Staten Islander and comes from a rich athletic background.

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NYC Sports Person: Ray Selvadurai, Manhattan Soccer Club

Ray Selvadurai is director of coaching at Manhattan Soccer Club, one of the largest tough soccer programs in the NYC area.

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NYC Sports Person: Jeff Nerenberg, Founder of the JN Tennis Academy

Jeff Nerenberg, a native New Yorker, founded his namesake Tennis Academy in 1975, making it one of the oldest youth sports programs in the city.

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NYC Sports Person: Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership’s Joel Censer

Joel Censer is a Director of Advancement at Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership, a school-based non-profit that provides academic intervention, leadership training, and lacrosse to at-risk youth.

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NYC Sports Person: Huddle Up NYC’s Rob Hickson

Robert Hickson a native of Miami, founded Huddle Up NYC in 2015. Huddle Up helps build football players through training and personal coaching sessions as well as highlight reel consultation services. 

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NYC Sports Person: Tennis World NYC’s Robert Fernandez Bucheli

Robert Fernandez Bucheli grew up in Freeport, Long Island and played tennis at the University of Rochester. He formed Upper Manhattan-based Tennis World NYC in 2010.

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