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West Side Soccer League

West Side Soccer League offers two 10-week seasons of recreational and competitive/travel soccer for 4,000 kids in New York City, ages 5 to 18.  Games are played at various fields in Manhattan and Randalls Island. The Fall season (Sept – Nov) includes a dedicated and growing program for children of all ages with special needs.  Each season includes free weekly professional skills training. The Spring season runs from April through June. WSSL has a partnership with the New York Red Bulls who provide training to parent coaches, competitive/travel teams for children in U9 and up and tournament teams for U8 and up.  WSSL attends many New York Red Bulls games each year and hosts five skills development camps with the New York Red Bulls in Riverside Park and on Randall’s Island.

Special Needs Division The WSSL runs a vibrant VIP program for children with special needs. The program is offered Sundays in the Fall from early September through the weekend before Thanksgiving. The program typically has over five dozen children and young adults across a wide range of abilities.  Everyone is welcome, everyone plays.  Each weekly session includes practice and a game.  The Red Bulls Training squad runs the VIP sessions three times during the season.



Sports Offered:
Female, Male
Age Groups:
4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
Recreational Teams, Travel Teams, After-School Programs, Spring Break Programs, Summer Programs
Special Needs Options:


WSSL is a wonderful organization that is run very professionally by dedicated volunteers. The quality of play is high and the environment is very safe and caring for each player. My daughter looks forward to her Sunday morning core games all week and she has made good friends on the team from diverse backgrounds. The other parents are very friendly and share similar goals of supporting a reasonably competitive experience where skills are enhanced and friendships develop. WSSL has 3 programs: core, tournament and travel. Core requires only that you participate in scheduled games. Tournament requires core program participation plus a midweek practice and up to 2 tournaments. Travel teams have 2 midweek practices plus a regional game on the weekend.

Review by greenwald_rodney on November 5, 2013

WSSL is an incredible recreational program, run entirely by volunteers. The league is managed by an experienced, extremely organized volunteer staff, the games are refereed by well-trained volunteer refs (typically parents or former young players), and the teams are coached by parents. Whether your son or daughter is 4 or 14, he or she (and YOU) will have an absolute blast!

Review by hbweinz on November 4, 2013

The real story of West Side Soccer League is that it’s a place where families grow together. It’s where it is safe to work out problems, be vulnerable, make mistakes and play a wonderful sport each week with a team of wonderful people who are just as excited to be there as you are.

I have three kids in the league. It all started with my middle son, when he was 8 years old. He’s 12 now and plays on the WSSL Red Bulls, in the travel league. A year after he started, his older sister wanted to join the fun and now the youngest one is finally old enough to play too. They all love it. So do I. Coaching WSSL is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Review by kouroshmahboubian on November 1, 2013

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