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South Brooklyn Fencing

211 21st Street Brooklyn NY 11232

South Brooklyn Fencing offers a range of youth and adult classes and private lessons, including:

  • Mini-Musketeers – Introduction to the basics of fencing for 5 years old kids who have never fenced before. Classes are once a week 45 minutes.
  • Kids Beginner Class – Introduction to the basics of fencing.  For students who have never fenced before or are still working through the fundamentals.  Ages 12 and under.
  • Kids Intermediate Class – For students who have mastered the basics of fencing and are ready to begin more competitive training.
  • Kids Advanced Class – For students who have mastered in the intermediate skills and they are ready to more competitive training.
  • Private lessons – Private lessons are essential for developing as a strong competitive fencer. Fencing requires high levels of both athleticism and technical precision. More than many other sports, fencing demands very specific coordination of each of part of the body that takes one-on-one training with an experienced coach to develop.
  • Open Bouting  – Experienced kids and juniors are welcome join open bouting hours at the club.
  • Footwork Class  – For juniors and adults. Open to any students in group classes and adults enrolled as club members. Footwork is the most fundamental aspect of fencing and should be practiced as often as possible.

Anibal Alvear is the head coach of South Brooklyn Fencing, located between Park Slope and Sunset Park. A competitive international fencer on Chile´s national team for 12 years, Anibal strives to bring the best out of his students through rigorous training while maintaining a warm and welcome environment.

We are available for school programs and birthday parties, as well as other special events. Please contact us or check services for details

Sports Offered:
Age Groups:
8-10, 11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:


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