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Pro Line Archery Lanes

95-11 101 Avenue Ozone Park NY 11416
(718) 845-9280

Pro Line Archery Lanes has been at present location since the mid 70′s. Originally organized as a club for archers looking to band together to enjoy one of man’s oldest sports, it has grown into a family oriented business open to the general public. At a cost of only $13.00 per adult, $5.00 if your under 17 and $7.00 if you are over 65 one can shoot from opening to closing “a real bargain” with your own equipment. If you are looking to rent equipment and learn how to shoot we have 2 hour rental packages for $20.  Kid rental packages are $10 for 2 hours.  The package includes range time, equipment and instruction. For archery aficionado’s, special shooting packages are available which result in additional savings off regular range fees. Group lessons or individual instruction are available. Each staff member averages 25 + years of archery experience.

Sports Offered:
Co-Ed, Female, Male
Age Groups:
4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:


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