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NYC Pilates

2231 Broadway, New York, NY 10024 (Entrance at 246 W 80th Street) New York NY 10023
(917) 951-5005

Tween and Teen Pilates for Sports Performance:

Lebron James, Andy Murray, Missy Franklin and Kerry Walsh-Jennings all swear by Pilates to improve endurance, balance, core strengthening, and coordination. Your young athlete can now do it, too!

NYC Pilates, a boutique Pilates Studio on the UWS (80th and Broadway) is offering Tween and Teen Pilates for Sports Performance. These classes use the Pilates equipment, as well as balls, bands, foam rollers and other helpful props, so class participants can lengthen and strengthen and learn to move from and through their cores.

Regular Pilates practice can help developing kids who are growing fast to not only gain posture awareness – which is so important in this age of spending hours on hand-held devices and laptops in less than ideal positions – but to also prevent injuries and gain an edge in their respective sports.

These classes are capped at six participants, so each student receives a lot of attention from the instructor. And, you can’t beat the price in Manhattan – $35-$39 / class, depending upon the package.

Please contact Randi Stone, studio owner, at 212-580-1954 or randi@nyc-pilates.com to set up a class for your young athlete and his or her teammates or classmates, or to join an open group with other kids who are independently interested in improving their endurance, balance, core strengthening, and coordination, while having fun.

Sports Offered:
Fitness Training, Pilates
Age Groups:
11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
After-School Programs, Private Instruction, Weekend Classes


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