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NY Novas Track Club

175-09 111th Ave Jamaica NY 11433
917 771-8773

The NY Novas welcomes youth from the ages of 6-18 and adults for our fitness club. The Novas is a competitive program, but we allow children of all abilities to participate. The youth on the club range from very serious ‘national champions’, to those that just ‘run for fun’. We promote a family type atmosphere, but are very strict with regards to conduct, behavior towards each other, and academic excellence.

PRACTICE: Our practices are the cornerstone of our organization. Many hours are spent in preparation for these sessions. Many more hours are spent after practices to analyze your child’s performances and to make sure that we are meeting our goals. Needless to say we would like to see your child at each one! We understand that things come up which may not allow you to attend a practice, in the event you must miss a day please call the director or division leader to let them know. It will not excuse you, but it will let us know that you take your attendance seriously. The minimum number of practices you must attend each week is 2. Missed practices may be made up during the same week only. In case of heavy rain, call a coach to see if practice is cancelled or will be held indoors.  Please call a coach for any changes with practice days or visit our website for updates http://www.nynovas.webs.com/

 RACES: Everyone in the program will attend races during each season. Developmental races in the beginning of each season are for all team members! Even if you have only practiced for one week, there will be events that you can enter. The only other requirement is that your season’s dues are up to date. Selections for championship races are based on qualifying times or the place your child comes in during particular races during the cross-country season. If your child runs a fast enough time in any developmental race, then they are eligible for all upcoming championship races. See the list of qualifying times for all events.

 OVERNIGHT TRIPS: In most seasons (except indoors), the NOVAS travel to three away meets. The the2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends in July are the usual dates for travel for outdoors. For cross-country, we travel the 3rd weekend of November and the 2nd weekend in December. In the past ten years we have traveled to Maine, Nebraska, Maryland, Washington D.C., Louisiana, Virginia,Alabama, Miami and Orlando Florida, California, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Niagara Falls, Eugene, Oregon and Reno, Nevada!                                    

Qualifying procedures vary depending upon the meet. For certain meets, a qualifying time standard must be met. For other races, team members must finish in a particular place in order to advance.

 SEASONAL DUES: The cost per child per season (4 months) vary, based upon the season and is due during the first week of practice or when your child begins practice.  Parents pay dues in many ways: 1. Pay by check or cash before the season begins 2. Sell fundraiser candy and raise money towards next season’s dues or future trips. 3. Selected team monthly fundraisers can also go towards the member’s personal dues (determined at the parents meetings). The dues do not pay for any NOVAS track team expenses, such as equipment, insurance or administrative items. These costs are met by the team fundraisers, which are vital to our existence. In addition, entry fees to travel meets are not covered by your dues, but must be paid separately, if your child qualifies for an away meet.  Any ideas for grants or fundraisers, which can help to reduce the cost for all of our youth will be greatly appreciated.

 ADMINISTRATIVE: The registration fee of $5 pays for your child’s ID card. A folder must be made for each child and must contain the following; 1.Application2.Medical 3.Proof of birth 4.Picture 5.Copy of most recent report card6.Insurance card 7.Practice registration form 8.Parent participation form   As we are registered members of USA track and field, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and the local Metropolitan Athletic Congress (club # 866) these are requirements of the team.

 PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: As stated earlier, the parents are a vital part of the club.  Parents are expected to be supportive and respectful of all the coaches.  You will not find harder working or more loyal coaches anywhere.  We need you to help support our views of healthy eating and living.   For example, the club does not allow junk food or soda to be brought on trips.  It would help our cause if the parents did not bring it either.  In support of academic excellence, we ask the youth to fill out a daily schedule and goal sheet each season.  This helps the children with time management and helps them develop skills, which are very valuable later in life.  Lastly, we ask that you allow the coaches to coach.  That means, parents should not give instructions to their child, which may be contradictory to the coaches’ wishes.  This means both during and after competitions and practices.  If you ever have any questions regarding your child’s status, it is expected that you will contact a coach before verbally voicing your opinion to your child or another parent. These rules are in place to avoid confusion to your child and to promote the healthiest environment for everyone involved:


Sports Offered:
Track & Field/Running
Female, Male
Age Groups:
4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
After-School Programs, Summer Programs, Weekend Classes


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