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International Volleyball Club

21-21 Crescent Street Astoria NY 11105

International VC is headed by Danial Levent. He is the Director of International Volleyball Club, Head Coach of the 14 National team, and Athletic Director at St. John’s Prep High School. We run a year-round, professional volleyball training program that is aimed to increase the level of volleyball in and around New York. We want to provide an expertise volleyball training service to young girls and boys in and around New York City, through personalized instruction and customized workouts, in order to achieve their highest potential. With our knowledge and experience as ex-professional volleyball players, it is our goal to increase our player’s chances to play at the collegiate, or may be even at the professional level in the future.

A good technique is the foundation for every sport, including volleyball. Our training program will be focused on the improvement of each player’s technique. The more practice and repetitions a player gets, the more familiar he/she will become with the right technique. We think that the technique for each volleyball skill should be optimized for each player that is playing up to the high school level. Naturally, once a player has honed in to which position they are going to specialize, they should practice more of the necessary skill for that specific position, but they should still keep sharpening all other skills. We believe our training program is one that will enable ambitious talents or players that would like to play as much volleyball as they can, to develop their skills to a maximum level. Having played professional volleyball, we think our standards of what is good are very high. We expect from players to work hard and be ambitious to improve their skills. At the end, we all do things that allow us to have fun, but we believe discipline is also important. As from our experience, we started playing volleyball because it was fun. Then by being serious and working hard, we became better players and in turn had a higher enjoyment of the game.



Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island
Sports Offered:
Co-Ed, Female, Male
Age Groups:
8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
Recreational Teams, Travel Teams, Winter Break Programs, Spring Break Programs, Summer Programs, Private Instruction, Summer Camp, Weekend Classes


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