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New York Grays


The NY Grays Baseball Organization is one of the premier independent youth baseball organizations in the United States. We develop our players athletically and academically in a positive, constructive, and ethical manner. In so doing we seek to produce some of the finest student athletes to be found anywhere in the United States.

The Board of Directors is not merely interested in developing the athletic abilities of our players. Instead, we are equally devoted to ensuring that our athletes achieve their academic potential as well. Our organizational philosophy is that our individual members can best succeed in life through the concurrent pursuit of excellence in both arenas – sports and education. This philosophy has been endorsed by every high school, college, and professional coach with whom we have communicated.

The Grays are also committed to promoting diversity within our organization. Our players and their families are representative of the various socio-economic levels that comprise the metropolitan New York City area. Our athletes come from backgrounds as varied as the inner-city neighborhoods of the 5 boroughs, and suburban environments located in Westchester County. The message to these individuals is clear – academic and athletic achievement is not limited by geographic boundaries, ethnic distinctions, language barriers, or levels of financial affluence. Our organization sets extremely high standards for all of its members, and we expect each individual to reach those goals through hard work, personal responsibility, and a devotion to teamwork.

In order to assist our members to achieve such goals the Grays Organization works in a collaborative fashion with academic counselors, college preparatory school administrators, professional trainers, and coaches who are alumni of college and professional baseball.

All of our players share a fervent interest in the pursuit of baseball excellence. As members of the Grays Organization they will be encouraged and expected to grow academically and ethically as well. Baseball will simply be one component of many that will enable these individuals to grow into productive young men.

Read a Q&A with Grays Founder David Owens here


Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
Sports Offered:
Age Groups:
11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
Travel Teams


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