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Harlem Boxing & MMA

1944 Madison Ave 1944 Madison Ave New York NY 10035

Youth Boxing class teaches basic boxing skills and techniques such as; stance, guard, movement, jab, cross, hook. It increases strength and improves endurance. Youth Boxing class will include cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work and core strengthening exercises. These skills will give kids self-defense tools as well as self-confidence while keeping them physically fit.

To employ a technique & unique instruction style that will make our gym a destination for boxers & fighters. To nurture a passion, teach dedication, use tough love and raise tougher boxers to compete in Regional & National competitions. To create the new wave of champions, who are born and raised in Harlem and NYC, giving them an option to do better things THRU HARD WORK!!! Staying off the streets, and out of trouble “LIFE SAVING”, having a style that’s widely “RESPECTED”.

Sports Offered:
Co-Ed, Female, Male
Age Groups:
11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:
After-School Programs, Private Instruction, Weekend Classes


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