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Gleason’s Gym

77 Front Street, 2nd Fl. Brooklyn NY 11201

The history of Gleason’s Gym is lengthy and colorful. In addition to being the site of many films numerous world champions have trained at Gleason’s. Today, the gym also provides lessons to  women and funds fantasy camps. We now provide boxing and krav maga classes at the 92nd Street Y in Mahattan. We will use the “Gleason’s Method” to train and condition individuals and classes. We will use the same “Gleason’s Method” that has enabled us to produce 134 professional World Champions, 2 Olympic Gold Medal winners and hundreds of amateur champions. You can now take advantage of this unique boxing training to improve your physical condition, your health and your mental outlook.

Gleason’s offers classes for children on the autism spectrum.


Brooklyn, Manhattan
Sports Offered:
Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling
Female, Male
Age Groups:
11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:
Private Instruction, Summer Camp
Special Needs Options:


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