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CP Soccer

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CP Soccer US is a training program and national league dedicated to children, who have cerebral palsy, stroke or traumatic brain injury which affects their motor coordination. The program is for ambulant children who otherwise may not be able to keep up with their able-bodied peers.

We are a non-profit organisation and our trainings are provided free of charge to the child through volunteer coaches and fund raising.

CP soccer was founded to provide an opportunity for these kids to keep soccer in their lives, and also play on the field with kids just like them. We are building a national soccer league for kids with cerebral palsy who are ambulant and active. So far, we have teams in New Jersey, Houston and Baltimore. We also ran our first summer camp in 2018, and planning another one in 2019!

CP Soccer follows the same participation guidelines set out by the International
Paralympic Committee for 7-a-side football. Our special training program also paves the way for some of these kids to feed into the US National Paralympic Soccer Team!

We are now building our NYC team and invite qualifying children to join:

• Participation guidelines set by the International Paralympic Committee for 7-a-side football.
• All players must be ambulant, and have cerebral palsy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.
• Ages 8 to 18.

Boys & girls welcome.
No prior experience with soccer required!

Sports Offered:
Soccer, Special Needs Programs
Age Groups:
8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
Summer Camp, Weekend Classes
Special Needs Options:


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