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Bee In Motion. Sports, Fitness & Fun was created by an educator to give parents a resource so their child is more active through sports.  Lessons are for those children/adolescents who want to take their passion to the next level, those who want to learn/practice new skills, or those who simply want to be more active & have fun through sports. Increase your skills in a particular sport or choose multiple sports to improve in.  Get a total body workout increasing your functional muscle strength while learning new exercises to train on your own. All lessons are geared toward the specific needs of your child and may be organized to suit one-to-one, small group and large group sessions.  Bee In Motion also organizes and runs active, fun Birthday Parties for children ages 4-13 year olds. Call to get a quote today!

Bee In Motion coaches not only work on physical skills, but also teach social/leadership skills as well. They are life coaches and role models who help nurture the emotional & social well being of your child, as well as educators, athletes & fitness enthusiasts who live happy, healthy & active lifestyles.



Brian is awesome. He is both warm and nurturing but no-nonsense. When my husband was dying of cancer, it was Brian who helped teach my son some basic sports skills but, more importantly, how to never give up whether in sports or life.  I recommend him wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.   –Marla W.

Brian is an extraordinary coach. Because he’s experienced in so many sports he’s extremely versatile. He also understands grammar school boys so well he keeps my son engaged and excited about everything he does with him. Brian is easy going and professional and he’s become a great friend to our whole family. —Sara C.

Brian did a fantastic job of keeping my child and his friends not only engaged after school, but also improving their skills. I received real-time feedback which both he and I used to improve my child’s skills at baseball specifically. It was a very productive experience for all. Thanks Brian! –Bryan V.

We hired Brian to teach our four year old son to swim. We got to him because my mother had observed him teaching another child in her building’s pool and noticed what a remarkable teacher he is (she taught school for many years). My son loves him and has come such a long way in just a few weeks–he is comfortable in the water, can dive under water, can swim on his own. Brian is amazingly patient and very engaging in how he teaches–including toys that my son has to dive for, games, and fun and humor throughout. He keeps my son moving constantly–very gentle and nurturing while at the same time pushing him to stretch further. I highly recommend him and feel fortunate to have found such a gifted swim teacher for my son.  –Shari C.

Brian taught my 6 and 4year old boys how to swim starting a year ago. I wish he was in our area now that we moved from the city cause he is exceptional!! My boys showed amazing progress from the very first lesson and always looked forward to having their lessons. I have recommended him to many friends who have decided to use him and also were amazed by Brian’s skills with children. The best part is that he is very reasonable with his pricing which is wonderful to find in such an expensive city. Trust me, I searched everywhere and he was the most reasonable and the best with all of the services he offers. If you want your kids to actually learn AND have fun then there is only one person to hire and that is Brian!  –Shenae O.

Brian… Or as my son calls him Captain America is just the kind of coach any kid needs to build confidence ! He has been there to teach my child bike riding , lacrosse, and helped him understand how to think like an Athlete. A true professional that was able to handle even a kid that is resistant to sports . I am forever thankful to him for helping my son think and believe so he is not afraid to engage in activities and understand the value of physical fitness. — Laurie B.

Brian made my son’s 8th birthday party so much fun! He had 20 active little boys to entertain and for almost two hours, they were engaged and amused. Everyone went home tired and happy. Brian’s games are creative and enough of a variation of the familiar that the kids understand the goal quickly yet enjoy the new challenge. He is patient and kind and has a great way about him that the kids take to immediately. He made every kid feel like a talented athlete! I would highly recommend inviting Brian to your child’s party.— UES Parent

My husband and I hired Brian to entertain at our son’s 8th birthday party and it was a great success. First of all, pre-party communication with Brian was excellent. We talked well in advance about what we wanted, what he could provide, the number of children who would be at the party, the types of activities he would lead, and, importantly, exactly when and where he would show up.  On party day, Brian arrived early with all the equipment he would need. Our party was in a public park and we had invited about 30 children, as our son had several different circles of friends from the many activities he engages in. Thirty small children would be a challenge for anyone, but Brian was up to the task. He demonstrated tremendous energy to go with an engaging delivery and obvious expertise and experience in leading activities for children.  Brian’s party activities are highly inclusive and athletic. All the kids got involved and were running, jumping, skipping with open delight. We got tremendous feedback about the party from the parents who attended.  Brian was a big success.  –Irene R.

Brian arrived to central park day one on his bicycle with a lacrosse net and a backpack of balls. Training started in no time and was non-stop for the next two hours. Brian made my son laugh and he inspired him to play hard. There is no question that Brian is a tremendous athlete and a talented coach. However, what impressed me the most was that while Brian was providing instruction, he never remained on the sidelines. He was running the drills and simultaneously playing with/against my son and continuously challenging him.  After working with Brian, my son felt he was better prepared than any other athlete on the field. Brian helped bring his game to the next level.  I believe Brian has the ability to take an athlete from any sport and design a training program that fits his or her needs. Furthermore, he provides an environment that breeds the secrets of unstoppable motivation, boundless self-confidence, and limitless success.  –Renee R.

Coach Brian has worked with our son for over 2 years as a coach. He is motivational in physical activities, including goal setting for improved performance, as well as, eating habits for a leading a healthier life-style. Brian has great energy and spirit. His focus and dedication have overcome a child resistant to physical activity and made it fun yet still challenging. –Jessica C.

Coach Brian greets my son with a huge smile! He is an enthusiastic, nurturing skilled athlete and an experienced teacher. Brian has worked with my son specifically on lacrosse this season and has instilled a passion for the game, as well as, skills and knowledge of the rules and terminology. –Tasha G.

“Coach Brian” currently teaches our two boys (ages 7 and 5). He has an amazing ability to engage our children through his enthusiastic & encouraging approach. Not only is Brian a superb lacrosse teacher, but he is also a wonderful role model for our boys. — Daniel C.

Brian has been nothing but kind, supportive and encouraging while teaching my 3 year old to swim. His enthusiasm and ability to make the lesson fun keeps my son engaged and he looks forward to seeing Coach Brian every week. Our experience working with Brian has been nothing but positive and we would highly recommend him to anyone interested in private swimming lessons. –Lisa D.

Brian is an incredibly dedicated coach. Both my children love working with “Coach Brian” and look forward to their time with him. They’ve made incredible progress in their swimming skills, and my son LOVES his ball skills time. Brian is always coming up with new ways to motivate them to succeed and overcome any challenges that arise. It has been a pleasure working with him.  — Kaliope K & Brian S.

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
Sports Offered:
Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bocce, Crossfit, Cycling, Dodgeball, Field Hockey, Fitness Training, Football-Flag, Football-Tackle, Futsal, Gaga, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey - Floor, Hockey-Roller/Street, Kickball, Lacrosse, Parkour, Ping Pong, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Soccer, Special Needs Programs, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Wiffleball, Yoga
Age Groups:
0-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:
After-School Programs, Evening Classes/Activities, Private Instruction, Summer Camp, Weekend Classes
Special Needs Options:


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