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Back 2 Basics Academy

150 W. 85th Street New York NY 10462
(347) 460-6844

Back 2 Basics is a youth basketball organization that provides opportunities for all around development. In addition to travel and AAU teams, Back 2 Basics runs tournaments, leagues, clinics and a pre-season training boot camp. Back 2 Basics Academy was founded by four local youth counselors with the support of dedicated community members who wanted to help improve and promote healthier lifestyles for young children in the Bronx and neighboring counties through sports, academic training, and community activities.

The B2B program supplies the tools, resources, and proper reinforcements for each child to feel confident about his or her ability to display their natural talents. Our teachings instill the importance of working hard to achieve results and seizing opportunities when they arise. We assist in the development of young children who later go on to become successful young adults in high school, college, and promising careers in a highly competitive job market.
Children who participate in the Back 2 Basics program will develop relationships and experience life lessons that are remembered throughout their lives. B2B was not designed only for improving the confidence in a child, but also for improving the confidence a child has in their teammates, teachers, coaches, and all members of the organization. We encourage the practice of responsibility and accountability as teammates, students, and as community service stewards.




Bronx, Manhattan
Sports Offered:
Basketball, Fitness Training
Co-Ed, Female, Male
Age Groups:
4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Programs Offered:
Recreational Teams, Travel Teams, Long Weekend Programs, Summer Programs, Evening Classes/Activities, Private Instruction, Weekend Classes


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