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Aquaskills is a New York City based swim school. We teach children ages 4+ and adults. We started Aquaskills Swim School in 2003. We have been wriiten up by the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal among other press organizations touting our swim school as the most comprehensive place for an Adult learners to go. As experts for overcoming fear of water, aka aquaphobia we have been published by the NYTimes in an article “A Liquid Fear” August 2014. This led to recognition as one of the best destinations in New York City to learn to swim as an adult. We believe one acquires discipline, coordination, balance and harmony while swimming.

Moving in the water is like sculpting and dancing as well as a meditation. We believe in an individualistic approach that comes with intuition as well as skillful instruction. Swimming is a life skill that will not only make a child or adult safe in the water, but will open doors to a plethora of outdoor water sports from sailing to scuba diving, and doing it safely. We are confident that everyone can learn to swim and it’s all about the creative approach of the instructors, but fear not everyone is possible to teach, and where there is a will there’s a way. Swimming should be an exercise that everyone incorporates into their work-out routine. The amount of flexibility as well as agility one acquires increases the body’s stamina and mental acuity. Swimming has zero impact on the joints so it is an exercise that people can do for the rest of their lives. The benefits from learning to swimming correctly will leave a person feeling empowered and have a lasting positive impact on one’s health as well an elevated personal new sense of freedom. Learning to swim is an investment in a life skill that expands one’s horizons and keeps people safe around water. Swimming is timeless, fluidity is key. Swimming is the Here and Now sports activity of the future. We will also send an instructor to your building.

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
Sports Offered:
Age Groups:
4-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-18, Adult
Programs Offered:
Long Weekend Programs, Private Instruction, Weekend Classes


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