Founded in September 1999, StreetSquash is a comprehensive youth enrichment program that combines squash instruction, academic tutoring, community service, college preparation, leadership development, and mentoring for Harlem public school students.

Based in Harlem at the SL Green StreetSquash Center, StreetSquash provides intensive, long-term support through a broad range of services for children and families beginning in elementary school and extending beyond college graduation.

We are looking for volunteers:

  • Tutors: work with 1-2 students during after-school and Saturday homework sessions. Volunteers are needed for all subject areas from 6th grade Math to 12th grade AP Chemistry.
  • Squash Coaches: join StreetSquash students on courts for basic drills, training, and games. Squash players of all levels are needed at after-school and Saturday sessions.
  • Corporate Partners: StreetSquash partners with corporations in New York City and New Jersey for group volunteer outings, office visits, and a range of corporate support. E-mail
Address: 40 West 116th Street, NY, NY 10026
Phone Number: 212-289-4838
Contact Name: Liz Gatling, Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Phone: 212-289-4838 (x208)
Contact Email:

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