Bee in Motion’s Brian Loesch

Brian Loesch is the founder of Bee in Motion. Bee in Motion provides youth training and development in a variety of sports including lacrosse, basketball, soccer, baseball, roller hockey, flag football, swim, tennis, bike riding and skateboarding.

Brian grew up in Baldwin, on the south shore of Long Island.  He is the youngest of five children, part of a triplet (2 boys and a girl) with two older siblings. Brian’s father and role model was involved in education for 32 years as an English teacher, sports coach and summer school principal. Education and sports we’re integral to his upbringing and he always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a teacher and coach.

Growing up Brian was encouraged to try many sports. At Baldwin H.S. he played JV soccer, varsity wrestling and JV lacrosse. He transferred to Kellenberg Memorial H.S., where he ran varsity cross country, played varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse, captaining all three his senior year. He was an All-League lacrosse player at Kellenberg H.S. and he went on to become a four-year starter at Bucknell University and was captain his senior year.

After graduating from college, Brian spent a year teaching lacrosse in Physical Education classes in various schools throughout Altrincham, England exposing the game of lacrosse to many primary and secondary school children. He coached the Timperley Club’s under-16 boy’s team and adult men’s team where he acted as a player/coach. This was an amazing experience and really encouraged him to pursue a teaching and coaching career back home in New York.

What inspired you to form Bee in Motion? Where does the name come from?  

In my first year of teaching at Columbia Grammar School, I was working with a student whose father was unable to play sports with him because of a sickness. I started teaching/coaching this student in hockey, soccer, and football. Word spread about these lessons and parents started asking me if I could coach their child in all sports from skateboarding to lacrosse.

From youth to adulthood, I’ve never been able to sit still and I am always in motion. Whether it’s running, biking, working out, playing sports or as a physical education and swim teacher on the UWS, I am actively involved in my community and am always on the move.  I channel this energy and my passion for teaching/coaching to help all children learn not just physical skills but the social and emotional skills that come with participating in sports and life.

What are your memories of playing sports when you were growing up?  

Being a triplet, I always had someone to play with or against and boy, did I compete. I had very competitive friends (many went on to play collegiate sports), so we were always organizing games and playing sports. I played as many sports as I was able to in middle and high school.  With no cell phones or Internet, it was easy to stay outside and play sports for hours on end.

How do kids inspire you?

I am inspired every day. Whether it be at school, on the field, in the pool or at a Bee In Motion private lesson or birthday party. Every “ah-ha” moment a child experiences is incredibly moving and fuels my passion to teach.  Seeing children achieve their goals through hard work and practice is gratifying, but witnessing the positive behavior and sportsmanship during and after competition is equally as rewarding.

What were some of the challenges of getting Bee in Motion going?

As a small business owner and a one-man team, running the company takes a lot of time and effort. I try to surround myself with the best, brightest and most responsible coaches to help me embody and teach the Bee In Motion mission.

How is Bee in Motion different than other youth sports programs?

First and foremost, we focus on skill improvement through private and small group instruction. Many NYC programs offer team competition through league play, but do not focus on the individual child. Every child learns differently and Bee In Motion caters to the specific learning behaviors and needs of each child. Bee In Motion caters not only to a child’s physical skills, but also their social, mental and emotional well being as well. Our coaches are role models and teach to the “whole-child,” not just the physical one. They set the positive example from the very first introduction to the very last lesson on and off the field.

What are the particular challenges of doing what you do in NYC? 

The biggest challenge is being cost effective for families of every economic background in and around NYC. Our coaches come to you – with equipment, on your schedule, which requires endless communication and coordination. Our ability to be flexible is one of the most important attributes of Bee In Motion.

What’s the best advice you ever got from a coach?

The best advice I’ve actually ever had was from my mother.  She always told my siblings and I, ”Keep a winning game and change a losing game.” It’s simple, but carries a lot of weight.  I constantly use this advice with my students and they love hearing Mama Loesch quotes.

What is your favorite sports venue in New York City and why? 

Madison Square Garden with the 90s Knickerbockers and the original Yankee Stadium and Core Four take the cake. Need I say more?

Favorite sports book?

The Last Boy- Mickey Mantle and the end of America’s childhood. I loved learning about my father’s and many fathers’ icon and favorite sports hero.

Favorite sports movie? The Natural and Remember the Titans.

What do you look for when you hire a coach to work with kids?

I seek out educators and well-rounded individuals with a proven background in teaching, coaching and playing various sports.   All Bee In Motion coaches must have passion, patience and positive energy. They must embody the Bee In Motion mission and live a positive, happy and active lifestyle. As a growing business, we’re always looking to add multi-talented coaches to join the Bee In Motion family.

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