R.I.O.T Advance Hitting Lessons

Rob’s Intent, On path, Turn fast, advance hitting lessons:

-Do coaches really teach what they see?
-What are elite hitters doing?
-Is your son constantly being told to just “make contact?”
-Is your son constantly hitting weak ground balls or slicing weak pop-ups?

-Elite hitters do not swing down and through the ball
-Elite hitters do not take the knob to the ball
-Elite hitters do not take the top hand to the ball
-Elite hitters do not squash the bug
-Elite hitters do not hit the top half of the ball to create backspin

If your son is constantly getting this kind of hitting advice, it’s time to make a change!

There is a lot of Dogma and misinformation in the baseball world today that is probably hindering your sons development. It’s time to ask yourself “is my son really getting the right information?” I will teach your son to hit the way Elite hitters do. I will train them to always have the “Green Light” on in the batters box.

It’s time to take your son’s game to the next level. Join the R.I.O.T Advance Hitting network.

Join the Revolution!

Contact Name: Rob Benjamin
Contact Email: benjamin.rob@outlook.com

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