Spring AAU w/ BSNY – Early Bird Discount Expires Tomorrow

By: Basketball Stars

Spring AAU (Early Bird)
BSNY Metro (uptown practices)
NYC Trojans (downtown practices)
Spring AAU w/
BSNY Metro (uptown practices)
NYC Trojans (downtown practices)
Dates: Early April – Mid-June Program for intermediate and advanced players only.
Ages: 9 years – 17 years old. (ages 15-17 must sign up for tryouts first)
Practice Locations: Practice Upper East / West Tournament Locations: North Jersey, Westchester, Brooklyn,
*Most teams participate in overnight trip to Spooky Nook, PA for one weekend in May.
* Age Breakdowns are as follows: If your son is 11, to play 11U he cannot turn 12 before June 7, 2020.
*Playing time is based on skill and practice attendance.
Early Bird Discount EXPIRES TOMORROW – “AAUEB”


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