Prospect Park Baseball/Softball Season Postponed

By: Prospect Park Baseball Association

2020 Baseball/Softball Season Being Postponed


The city has banned all events of 500 or more in NYC parks for a period of 30 days, effective March 13.  The Mayor is limiting other gatherings to 10 people and there are other guidelines recommending that people keep a 6’ distance between each other.

We cannot risk spreading the virus.   So there will be no opening day parade on April 4, nor any PPBA sanctioned games through and including Easter Sunday, April 12.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to start the season immediately after the 30 day period, on Monday April 13.  We are reworking the schedules to reflect this and will have them posted once there is more clarity.

While it is certainly possible that the postponement may be extended, we want to be prepared to start on April 13: Our kids will probably be going batty after weeks of being cooped up and many more kids will probably be here during that public school spring break week than originally thought.

Even if we were to start another week later, we would still have plenty of time for a season.  With the opening day parade, Passover, and Easter falling during the first two weeks, the schedule is more heavily back-loaded with games.

To that end, we have asked all our member organizations to refrain from cancelling their participation for the season.

We will be constantly monitoring the situation.  Any time we have something to tell you it will be posted here and on our hotline.

Good luck and keep safe.

Eddie Albert



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