Private Lessons Available!

By: Huddle Up NYC

School’s out; private sessions are IN!!!! Keep up those football skills you developed and learn EVEN MORE through our 1-on-1 lessons. Have a friend in town? Bring ’em! The more the merrier and lower the price! You can even take us on vacation with you through our virtual sessions!

Our staff is excited to get back on the field with our athletes. They are available for both online and in-person private lessons, whichever your family is most comfortable with. Hygiene is always top of mind, so for our in-person sessions, coaches will wipe down the footballs before and after each workout, as well as use hand sanitizer and wear masks the whole time. We have had several safe sessions like this while keeping a fun learning environment. You can sign up for your sessions this summer at or email to get started. Slots are filling up. 


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