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Dedicated to the development and growth of Futsal (the official FIFA version of five-a-side soccer), Futsal Across America and New York Futsal seek to establish Futsal as the endorsed version of five-a-side soccer in the US and to increase and support participation at every age and ability level by providing all players the opportunity to participate in leagues, academies and tournaments with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity for all its members.

Winter of 2017-18

League: We are successfully started our futsal winter league. We are accepting registrations for some divisions, contact us at info@newyorkfutsal.com u9 till u19

Coaching and development at ps 87 located at 160 w 78 St ny-ny: There are some spots available for:

Boys and girls u5-u10

Coed middle school

Friendly games: let us know if your team just wants to play a couple of games during the winter and we will arrange a scrimmage for you. we will provide; venue, goals, balls, electronic score boards, refs, we teach the FIFA futsal rules and will find the right opponent. To check for available games or to make a game request visit: newyorkfutsal.com or write us at info@newyorkfutsal.com

Tournaments:  to start in January; stay tune or contact us at info@newyorkfutsal.com if your club teams have a special request.

Team futsal training: Let your teams be trained for futsal, professional futsal coaches we are excited to provide professional futsal coaches that will teach futsal technique, FIFA rules and the right way to play futsal. Special offers for teams at our venue or your own venue.

NY Futsal the place to play futsal:


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