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Kelley Durkin’s iconic “NYC DIVING” trains NY-CT divers privately “since 1975” from beginner-through-elite competition, High School team, & college entrance – ages 6-18: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester & CT. Not “one” major diving accident EVER in a 50 yr career – an extremely rare global statistic. Conversely, one Westchester team has had 55 accidents, two ambulances & four concussions (that we know of). In addition to an iconic 25 USA Diving National Qualifiers/Finalists, Kelley placed divers into 4 events on the USA JO World Team for four World Rankings on 3M & Platform.
Kelley trained Nassau County’s longest ever Women’s HS Diving Record Holder of 21 yrs as well as a long line of Nassau/Suffolk age group & HS divers since 1975. And Kelley also produced a NYS HS Boys Champion.
In an array of NY-CT “start-up & first time coaches”, Kelley Durkin’s 45 yr coaching legacy stands iconically apart. Kelley was already DEEPly immersed on the USA National levels (USA Diving, AAU, YMCA, etc) decades before some recent startups –  who have taken some “cheap shots” at our team –  were even born. Trampoline spotting belts is a “specialized technique” acquired over many yrs – extremely dangerous in the novice hands – just “one mistake” & an inexperienced coach can put a kid in a wheel chair for life – same for many startups coaches sans any Platform expertise @ 40 MPH. Kelley has “seasoned expertise” w not a single major diving, belt or platform ACCIDENT in  45+ yr career!
Hollywood, Media, Advertising:
* “Black Panther”: Marvel’s “Black Panther” is the “Biggest grossing  SuperHero Movie of all time” – Kelley recently trained pro stunt actress Jenel Stevens – a Dora Warrior in Black Panther – for her next film an ABC pilot where she had to do a dive off a 33′ yacht in the Bahamas.
* Kelley also arranged & supplied his divers for two commercials: “McDonalds” and “US Army.”
Deepest NY-CT Track record & longevity:
* Nassau County (Long Island) – Girls Diving Record: 21 yrs (Stacey Farnsworth) – trained by NYC DIVING.
* Training Long Island divers since 1975.
* Champion: NYS Boys High School States (trained by NYC DIVING).
* ”Top 10″ USA JO Teams: ranked #8.
* USA World JO Team Members: in 4 events for World Rankings – to qualify to this USA Team, our divers had to Rank #1 or #2 in USA.
* 25 USA Diving JO National Qualifiers/Finalists – many “Top 2”, “Top 6” & “Top 10” in USA.
* “College Coach of the Year” (MAAC College Conference).
* Tons of AAU & YMCA National Qualifiers & Finalists.
* Produced 8 NCAA College National All-American Women.


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