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Kelley Durkin’s iconic “NYC DIVING” trains NY-CT divers privately “since 1975” from beginner-through-elite competition, High School team, & college entrance – ages 6-18: Manhattan/UES/NYC, Long Island, Westchester & CT. Not “one” major diving accident EVER in a 45 yr career since 1975 – an extremely rare global statistic. Conversely, one Westchester team has had 55 accidents, two ambulances & four concussions (that we know of). In addition to an iconic 25 USA Diving National Qualifiers/Finalists, Kelley placed divers into 4 events on the USA JO World Team for four World Rankings on 3M & Platform.

Kelley trained Nassau County’s longest ever Women’s HS Record Holder of 21 yrs (Stacey Farnsworth) as well as a long line of Nassau/Suffolk age group & HS divers from 1975 to Present. And Kelley also produced a NYS HS Boys Champion.
In an array of NY-CT “start-up & first time coaches”, Kelley Durkin’s 45 yr coaching legacy stands apart – not only does he actually “have” a Track Record…it’s ICONIC! Kelley was already DEEPly immersed on the USA National levels (USA Diving, AAU, YMCA, etc) decades before some of these recent NY-CT start-ups were even born. One can count some 15 NY-CT coaches who recently could not – and had no expertise to – safely work a spotting belt (or Platform diving)…and despite the fact a few are trying to learn now, Kelley is a 45 yr “Spotting Belt Master”. Just one slip of a hand with a belt – or an accident on Platform at 40MPH (boards too) – and you can put a kid in a wheel chair for life – Kelley has NOT HAD even ONE SINGLE accident in a belt, diving board or platform in his 45+ yr career!
Hollywood, Media, Advertising:
* “Black Panther”: Marvel’s “Black Panther” is the “Biggest grossing  SuperHero Movie of all time” – Kelley recently trained pro
     stunt actress Jenel Stevens – a Dora Warrior in Black Panther – for her next film an ABC pilot where she had to do a dive off
     a 33′ yacht in the Bahamas.
* Kelley also arranged & supplied his divers for two commercials: “McDonalds” and “US Army.”
Deepest NY-CT Track record & longevity:
* Nassau County (Long Island) – Girls Diving Record: 21 yrs (Stacey Farnsworth) – trained by NYC DIVING.
* Training Long Island divers since 1975.
* Champion: NYS Boys High School States (trained by NYC DIVING).
* ”Top 10″ USA JO Teams: ranked #8.
* USA World JO Team Members: in 4 events for World Rankings – to qualify to this USA Team,
    our divers had to Rank #1 or #2 in USA.
* 25 USA Diving JO National Qualifiers/Finalists – many “Top 2”, “Top 6” & “Top 10” in USA.
* “College Coach of the Year” (MAAC College Conference).
* Tons of AAU & YMCA National Qualifiers & Finalists.
* Produced 8 NCAA College National All-American Women.


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