Homage Re-Opening July 6

By: Homage Skateboard Academy

We have finally reached the day when we can thankfully Welcome everyone back to HSA – Homage Skateboard Academy.  We will be open for lessons and summer programs, starting Monday, July 6th.

This return means a number of changes. We have new policies, new procedures, as well as social distancing and cleaning guidelines to assuage the worries of the most nervous of families (like me).  Since there is so much to go over, each item will be bullet-pointed below.  We have been working and anxiously awaiting this chance to once again see the smiling faces of your children.  I cannot express how joyous we all are over the chance to once again teach in person.  Registration is available by calling/emailing us directly at the academy. Please keep in mind for all programs that space is very limited due to social distancing and offerings may be different than remembered.  Class instructional lengths now include additional sanitization time, ratios are significantly reduced, and many class and camp types may not be opening yet in this initial phase. Many programs, particularly camp will have additional specific information that follows this email that applies directly to those registered.

Doing good things for kids is both our mission and the reason so many of us started teaching in the first place.  Our opening will be tiered and slow to ensure at every step that we are meeting the needs of the children along the way.  

HSA Health and Safety Precautions – We know families may be nervous about returning to the academy. We want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to keep both your children and our staff safe.  We would never allow programming if we did not feel we could do so safely.  Our ratios here at HSA will be half of those allowed by regulations and our overall occupancy will be significantly below the 50% allowed.  

We are of course following all CDCDOH and NYC (include links to each) guidelines but in our opinion those guidelines are much too lenient.  We have directly consulted with medical personnel including a leading local pediatrician and are implementing far stricter protocols than are required.  We are happy to discuss our specific interventions for each type of programming directly with anyone concerned but won’t bore everyone else with dozens of pages of health safety protocols.  Some major changes you will notice here at HSA.

  • Masks – All staff, administrators and adults must wear masks at all times. Athletes will wear masks during arrival, departure and when not in class/practice (i.e. using the restroom).  Of course, athletes may wear a mask during practice if they so choose.
  • Symptom Screening – All participants and staff will be temperature checked and surveyed regarding respiratory symptoms. No one will be allowed on premises if ill.
  • Waiting and Spectating – Due to occupancy requirements and to reduce exposures we are limiting additional family members at the academy. For now, we have removed our lounge area and ask that only one parent stay on premises if an athlete has needs that require a parent’s presence. We have closed our pro-shop to limit the number of people entering the facility (items can still be purchased online for pickup at a designated time and delivery).
  • Touch Points – Six hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the facility.  High touchpoints have been removed including the water dispenser and use of the front door, the large bay door will be left open with a new safety gate to allow constant fresh air flow.   The restroom sink is now touchless, along with a touch free hand dryer,  and the toilet has as automatic flush system.  Immediate handwashing following the restroom is mandatory.
  • Equipment Sanitization – HSA’s cleaning protocols have increased and we will continue to follow the CDC and DOH guidelines for cleaning. In addition, we have removed high contact equipment that does not disinfect easily and will be requiring athletes to sanitize hands prior to using equipment as well as sanitizing equipment obsessively. 
  • Drop-off procedures – To reduce exposures for participants we have eliminated our lounge area. Each program has individualized drop-off and pick-up locations to increase social distance. We will operate a drop-off line (highly encouraged) which will allow for symptom checks and entry without the need for parents to enter the gym at drop-off for most programs and times.  For the safety of athletes, we will ask parents to come to the baydoor and check-out athletes.
Camps – HSA will begin our summer camp programming Monday, July 6th.  Due to social distancing and occupancy we will have very limited space available.  While we typically pride ourselves on our flexibility at camp, our goal this summer is to reduce the number of athletes each child is exposed to.  This means we will not be offering walk-in or single day spots for camp.  Only week long pre-registration will be allowed. We are requiring weekly registrations to provide the best experience for your athlete as our social distancing requirements may mean we do not reach their favorite events and activities on any given day.  Our camp program is from 9am to 3pm for students aged 5-14 and registration (include link) is available now. If you are already signed up for any camp program an individual email will come shortly after this one introducing the phased return.
During our Phase 1 of re-opening HSA will not be offering city skate camp.Our Phase 1 lessons – A limited number of HSA private lessons are launching Saturday July 11.  Weekend morning and afternoon lessons will be held with reduced capacity. Private Lessons are available for students age 5 and can be booked by emailing or calling us.  While our Phase 1 offerings do not include group classes, we look forward to offering them soon. We do anticipate opening additional time slots and class types down the road as we continue our tiered re-opening.  Feel free to let us know if there are specific class times or types that you are missing.

Thank you all for being a part of the HSA family.  It’s been a while.  We missed you.  If you have any questions or need guidance about the transition back to HSA, please let us know. We at the Homage Skateboard Academy can’t wait to see you all.


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