FC Copa Academy Arrives in Brooklyn

By: Aviator Sports and Events Center


At Aviator Sports and Events Center

Join the hundreds of players who have already become Founder Members of FC COPA ACADEMY BROOKLYN in the past few months. 

Register for 2020/2021 Academy Team Tryouts: www.fccopa.com/tryout-dates-aviator
Join The Futures Teams (Boys and Girls Ages 5-9): www.clubs.bluesombrero.com/fccopaacademy
Click for Minis Classes & Specialized Training Programs: https://www.aviatorsports.com/sports/soccer

✓ Open to boys and girls players of all ages
✓ Happening now at Brooklyn’s Aviator Sports state-of-the-art outdoor/indoor facilities
✓ Detailed Return-To-Play COVID Health & Safety Protocol per State and National Soccer Guidelines
✓ Best-in-class Staff of experienced and professional coaches, assisting players in reaching their greatest potential and focusing is on educating the complete player
✓ Historic Tradition of over 16 years – 26 state, 19 regional and 7 national finals & championships
✓ One of the highest college placement rates in the country, both soccer and academic, having placed 360+ students into 160+ collegiate programs
✓ Proven #TheCopaWay philosophy and curriculum taught throughout all levels of the Academy
✓ Unparalleled Academic Guidance Program

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