CSB Approach to Pitching

By: Common Sense Baseball

CSB Pitching program

The CSB Approach to Pitching Program is a 8 week training program supervised by Coach Rob Savarese with instructors Frank Valentino and James Varela. Coach Rob is a former professional pitcher and Division I pitching coach. Coach Frank is currently a professional pitcher in the New York Mets organization. Coach James recently was a member of the Los Angeles Angels program. It’s a 6 players to 2 instructors program designed to enhance a player’s technique and pitchability. Included in the program is our routines we will cover with each player that truly emphasize the importance of arm care in games and after games. Our instructors will also work with each player to establish a consistent approach to throwing and to also teach in game corrections that can be used during games.

The program runs 8 consecutive 60 minute sessions Wednesdays or Thursdays starting Jan. 8 or 9 at Common Sense Baseball Facility located at 75D Rushmore St. Westbury, NY. Sessions are age based and limited to 6 players so you must register your player for the appropriate age to assure the effectiveness of the program. Cost $275 per player. Click HERE for more info and to register.


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