Create your own Class with DUSC Squads!

By: Downtown United Soccer Club, Inc

DUSC Squads offers your child the chance to play, learn and develop with a consistent group of neighbors, classmates, friends, or teammates throughout the week (day of your choice). Families will work together to create their own small, self-contained Squads with the power to collectively decided the training focus for the season, tailoring everything to the needs, skill levels, and interests of the players.

DUSC remains committed to our Soccer For All values – financial aid will be available for those in need.

Pricing and Program Details

Each class is 55 minutes (multiple classes can be booked together simultaneously)

Minimum Squad Number: 4 Players

Minimum of 5 Classes per Squad Booking

4 Player Squads: $55 Class per Player

5-8 Player Squads: $45 Class per Player

Submit a request to create your own DUSC Squad with the request form below. Please note that DUSC may not be able to honor every request.

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