Corbin’s Crusaders Fall Small Group Sports

By: Corbin’s Crusaders

Sept 9th – Nov 20th Multi-sports or single sport programs in the Park

Group/Cohort:  Your small group plays 2:50-4:05pm and/or 4:15-5:30pm     (times can vary based on your school)

Health and Safety:

  • Coaches and Children will be masked up.
  • Children will be able to remove masks for individual skills while maintaining appropriate distance.
  • All coaches will be checked for fever and symptoms daily. Guardians are responsible for checking their children for fevers and symptoms.

       Cost for 1 day per week Sept 9 – Nov 20:

Fall Season 1st session 2:50-4:05pm or 2nd session 4:15 – 5:30pm     $550

Fall Season Both sessions 2:50-5:30pm                                                      $990

Escort Fee from school to park (1st session only)                                       $150

Escort Fee from park to neighborhood (2nd session only)                       $150

To enroll:

For More Information contact: Wendy and Peter Corbin, Directors

Phone (212) 875-8174    Email:


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