Basketball Coaches Clinic!!

By: Adams Street Academy

I wanted to reach out early and invite you to our Fourth Annual Basketball Coaches Clinic . This year’s clinic will be another tremendous learning and networking opportunity for you as you prepare for your upcoming season. See below for more information, including scheduled speakers, content, and registration!
When?: Monday, October 14th. (Columbus Day) 12:00 PM- 4:30 PM
Who should attend our clinic?: Any coach who is looking to become a better learner, teacher, and communicator of the game of basketball. Our clinic is a high quality instructional clinic for any coach at any level.
Why attend our clinic?:
Growth: Each of the last three years our clinic has grown in attendance as we have had over 150 coaches attend our clinic. We firmly believe that it is imperative that coaches continue to help coaches so that they can best serve the most important people who benefit from our involvement in basketball, the youth that we work with each and every day.
Learning: You will have an opportunity to learn from some of the best high school and college coaches in the area. Find new, exciting ideas to implement with your program as the new season approaches.
Networking Opportunities: Middle school coaches connecting with AAU coaches. Middle school and AAU Coaches connecting with HS coaches. HS coaches meeting/speaking with former and current college coaches.  You truly never know when you can meet a coach who can help you!

For all clinic information, including registration and scheduled speakers, click the link below!
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