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By: Baseball Homeschool Institute

‼️When we polled ⚾️ players here’s what we found:
Players are –
Suffering malnutrition
Under trained
Some are even bullied
Just to name a few things that are plaguing athletes today.‼️
????That’s why we created BHI. It allows athletes the opportunity to earn a stellar education with like minded peers, in an environment that’s structured specifically for them.
Our players attend virtual online classes TOGETHER then train and play all as a team!!! ????????????
Our online customized curriculum gives our student athletes the education they deserve, need and want. ✏️✏️✏️
After a ???????? nutritional well balanced lunch – players then train and develop their baseball skills to prepare for the various games, tournaments and showcases they will participate in throughout the year. What’s so neat is that they will never have to miss an assignment or school work because they will take school with them wherever they go and whenever or wherever they may travel. That means family vacations too! Imagine how much flexibility this allows a family.
Players now get to ✏️ LEARN – ????????‍♂️ TRAIN & ⚾️ PLAY in a setting that’s set up for them to WIN.
Our 1st team trip is already set for 2019 to Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Our players will train and develop with some of the top players in the nation!
We’ve also been invited to represent the NE in the Homeschool World Series in 2020.
We will have 2 onsite locations. New York & FL (FL location to be announced soon). Giving players the opportunity to play with their BHI teammates throughout the year.
The best part is we’ve structured this at an amazingly affordable price.
To learn more about the Baseball Homeschool Institute Click Here.
Or call 347-657-0052
Lets discover if your child is a good fit for our school….
To schedule a discovery please email us at – Email Us Here
Registrations for our 2019 -2020 class starts February 1st.
Grades 8-12 with a max of 30 students


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