Archery Mini-Camp at Gotham Archery Brooklyn

By: Gotham Archery

Kids still don’t have any plans for summer?  Pry them away from the TV/iPad for a couple of days to take up a new sport!

Gotham Archery in Brooklyn, NY is one of eight archery ranges in the U.S.A. selected to hold a USA Archery 2-day mini-camp August 15-16, 2015.  Our standard minimum participation age of 10 years old will be waived for this program (minimum age 8 years old, max age 20).  As our only age exception, kids enrolled in the summer camp will be permitted to participate in our standard JOAD program throughout the year.

To sign up, visit: and select “August 15 -16 in Brooklyn, NY hosted by Gotham Archery”

For more information on the JOAD program, please visit:

Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions.



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