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What would you like your child to learn as their first sport?

Many of you have probably seen mercy rules in effect in youth baseball games. Has anyone seen the same rules in other youth sports such as basketball, soccer, football or lacrosse?

Mercy rules are more common in baseball where there is no game clock and games can go on and on. What happens in a basketball […]

Lacrosse Equipment Repairs?

Does anyone know someone in the city (preferably in Manhattan) who can fix lacrosse gear.

How much should a 12u pitcher throw?

In baseball what is the proper amount of throwing a boy 12 and under should do in a week… and if it becomes sore what […]

Reaction to David Price & Twitter War with Umpire

David Price, of the Blue Jays, had a fairly common beef with home plate ump, Tom Hallion. Price misses a pitch. Thinks it’s a strike […]

Should young kids specialize in a single sport?

I’ve heard the pros and cons (mostly cons) about kids specializing in sports at a young age. I’m wondering what thoughts some of you have […]

Does anyone know of an Archery Instructor (or place) in Manhattan?

I found 2 places in Queens but I’m looking to see if someone could do a class for a group of kids in Manhattan. Thanks

Why does 100 make it a special pitch-count?

If a completely arbitrary number like 100 is used, why doesn’t the pre-game warmup, and between-inning warmup, get installed in the equation? Does that mean, […]

Any adult softball leagues for middle-aged men?

My friends and I (all male) want to play in an adult softball league. We’re decent players, but our average age is about 45 and […]

Seeking a racquet stringer in Manhattan that uses hybrid strings.

My daughter uses a special hybrid string on her racquet. Do you know of any good stringers in Manhattan who I could call to see […]

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