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It seems like everybody has their team. Except for those who don’t. In a town this big and bold, it’s impossible to know where to find a team you can call your own. That is, until now.


New York Sports Connection has made sense of the sports chaos that fills the city. Built by a true New Yorker with knowledge of the local sports landscape that comes from his own experience, New York Sports Connection offers the most accurate list of sports programs, leagues, teams and facilities in every borough, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond.


Connect with and join youth, amateur, and recreational leagues throughout the city. Baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball and more. Talk to coaches. See who’s playing. Share information on the teams you or your children play for. Buy the right equipment. Get plugged into the most vibrant sports community in NYC.


Finding your sports program, team or league in New York City has never been easier, thanks to New York Sports Connection, the go-to place for all things New York sports. And we’ll keep you involved with notifications on registration deadlines, tryouts, camps, clinics and more through our Weekly Sports Alert. No other sports source packs so much information into such as easy to use website.


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